My name is Michel Davis and I am a photographer.

WHEW...That felt like an AA meeting.

Calling myself a photographer is a major step for me, because it's not just a label or job. It's a calling to something bigger then yourself. Let me explain......

How many times have you gone to a wedding, and the photographer(s) are not where the action is, and you say to the person standing to your right, "THEY'RE GOING TO MISS THIS AWESOME ONCE IN A LIFETIME TIME SHOT!!!!"

If this is you, then you understand photography.

As photographers, we are here to (hopefully) chronicle life as it unfolds. We have the ability to show the world some truths that we see or feel. 

Photography is a Visual Truth. 

This has always been the hallmark that alone, belongs to photography. We mirror truths for all to see. In realtime. Even if the picture your looking at happens to be heavily photo-shopped, it shows a truth the photographer wants you (the audience) to see and and more importantly feel.  

Photography is ART.

This is what separates photographers from the millions of people that own a cell phone. Almost everyone has a cell phone, hence almost everyone has a camera. There must be BILLIONS of cameras on the planet right now. Today. I guarantee you they are not billions of photographers.

Just because you have a camera on your phone, doesn't make you a photographer (I don't care how many SnapChat filters you use). 

If you have ever looked at a picture (in Life Magazine, Look, whatever) and felt a deep emotion tug on you, pull up a chair,  and sit down. I know you'll enjoy my site.

Michael Drew Davis